Beginner Golf Lessons Malaysia

Beginner Golf LessonsGolf is a social game that apart from enjoying playing it, you get to interact with many different sects of people. Definitely, you get a chance to increase the number of friends.

Therefore, if you find yourself lonely and bored most of the time, golf is the best course to take to make a difference in your life.

Playing golf, however, unlike other sports requires a bit of training on the correct body postures and moves before getting on track. As a learner, beginner golf lessons malaysia are what you need to be a proficient golf player.

Once you have attained the golf tactics and rules right, you can go ahead to making it a profession, just like the popular golf players of the world. If that is not the case, you can enroll your kids in beginner golf lessons or junior golf lessons and they will get to realize their talents.

Playing golf can be seemingly terrible and complicated to you as a beginner if you do not get the right training. This is the language commonly spoken by those who have tried it without success. This scares away other beginners with interest in playing golf. Here are some tips of the beginner golf lessons that will get you going through your journey of learning golf:

Giving the club proper grip 

Chipping_Golf_GripThis is where the big deal about golf playing lies. Hold the club with the right hand directly in front of you and the club’s head pointing away from you at an angle of 45 degrees. Then grip the club with the left hand while still maintaining the previous position of the club.

The right-hand palm should be resting slightly above the left hand’s position of grip. If you hold the club properly, the first two knuckles of your left hand should be on sight and the thumb is hidden on your right hand. This is just a standard grip of the club, however, there are other grips, namely the overlapping grip, the interlocking grip and the baseball golf grip. The commonly used out of these is the overlapping grip, where the little finger overlaps the left index finger.

Proper stance

A proper stance and grip are the ideal foundation for a proper golf swing. Your front foot should be slightly ahead of the ball. The front and the back feet should be apart as the shoulder’s width. Then bend slightly with the knees while keeping your back straight. The kneecaps should be in the position with the toes and the back at an angle of 45% with the ground. Then get the right posture and confidence. Do not tense.

beginner golf lessons malaysia

Back Swing

This is actually putting the club behind your back and not swinging the club in the air. It is like winding a spring. It gets your muscles’ tension to the right level In order to give a strong downswing. Do not do it in a hurry, your backswing being not too fast or too slow. You should be moving your upper body part while almost keeping the lower part of the same region or circumference.

The above tactics are a sample of what it actually takes when under training, as the details are well understood when done practically with proper assistance. By attending beginner golf lessons malaysia, it will boost your confident when you play the games with your friends.

Beginner Course Outline

Lesson 1 and 2: Introduction to Golf History, Game of Golf, Basic Warm Up, Stretching, Knowing the Pre-Fundamentals like Gripping, Posture and Half Swing

Lesson 3: Improving Pre-Fundamentals to Build Up the Full Swing

Lesson 4 : Good Hand and Wrist Movement, Lower and Upper Body Rotation to Build a Consistent Swing Path

Lesson 5 : Proper and Correct Weight Shift to Build a Presentable Full Swing

Lesson 6 : Checking Faults and Fixers Through Video Analysis

Lesson 7 : Recapturing All Mechanics, Reviewing Swing Transition

Lesson 8 : Introduction to Longer Clubs such as the driver and fairway wood

Lesson 9 : Theory Workshop on Rules and Etiquette

Lesson 10 & 11 : Short Games such as Pitching, Chipping, Bunker Shots and Putting

Beginner golf lessons Malaysia – start your golf journey with us! If you are not staying in Kuala Lumpur, you can join our beginner golf lessons Penang, beginner golf lessons Ipoh. For lady golfer, you can enroll in lady golf lessons.

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