Is this your first time going for a golf holiday? Do you know what to pack and what not to pack? Have you had some sort of experience with regards to what a golf holiday could look like? Do you know the necessary gears to put on a plane for such a trip? Have you ever made plans towards a golf weekend getaway? So many questions right?

Well it is expected, so many professionals, amateurs in the game of golf have had to undergo stress, ask themselves the questions above, frustrations, the first time they make a trip for a golf weekend getaway or a golf holiday as others would call it due to inexperience on how to plan or get things right the first time. For this reason, here are a few tips to get you started on how to plan and prepare for a cool golf holiday.

Weather Conditions: This is a very important factor to consider when making a list because the weather condition of your destination would sure determine the sort of items you would need. Let’s take for example you take a trip to Scotland during the spring; It is obvious that your list of items would sure defer if you were travelling to Vietnam during the rainy season. Although there are some compulsory items, you would always need, no matter the weather condition of your destination; they are, sunglasses, sunscreen, a golf cap, a light jacket; in some cases you might even require an umbrella; so take note. In any case, just make sure you check with your travel agent with regards to the weather condition of your destination before you make your trip.

Clothes and Shoes: Now you may be wondering why this should even be offered as a tip. Agreed, the game of golf is known to have a universal style of dressing, which is the polo shirt and the khaki pants; but have you ever wondered what you’d go through if you happened to go to a destination where it’s cold all the time, without preparation? So just think about this, it would be advisable you check directly with the golf courses for their specific dress codes before you make your trip.

Purchase Golfing Travel Insurance: Without a doubt, gears used for the game of golf and a golf holiday can be pretty expensive and you never can tell what uncertainties might lie ahead, such as an accident or a theft or some sort of damage to the gears and equipment. Hence it is always advisable that if you are going for such a trip, you should undoubtedly try to purchase golfing travel insurance; so you can get insured in the event of any mishap.

Protecting your golf clubs, bag and accessories: It is well known that a lot of professional and amateur golfers prefer to travel with their personal clubs, golf bags and accessories, for which they always take extra measure to get them all protected during the trip. As a tip and an advice if you are travelling with your own clubs, golf bags and accessories, you should try and get a PVC pipe, which you can purchase at a hardware store. Now the essence of the PVC pipe, if you place it in the centre of your golf bag where the golf clubs are kept is to hold up the bag straight, prevent it from getting crushed and the head of clubs from getting damaged, during the trip. Also make sure to wrap the head of the clubs with towels, as well as pack the bag with as many golf balls and tees as possible, so that you don’t experience a case of running out of balls and tees, as you can never predict how many balls you might need.

Make a checklist: Making a check list is also very important, because it is very possible for you to forget certain items and not make plans for them. Some folks like to travel light, while others like to travel heavy, giving reasons like wanting to prepare for anything. Whatever the case may be, just make sure you travel comfortably. Here are a few items you should include in your checklist:

-Getting adequate clothing: This you should do since you would not be on the golf course all the time and you would need a change of clothing, so that you are not perceived as one who puts on the same clothes all the time. Remember, you’re on a golf holiday, so you have to look good always.

-Get enough toiletries and accessories: Make sure you include your lotions, moisturiser, toothbrush, shavers, etc. Also, ensure you include your gadgets if you would need them, such as your laptop, phone chargers, GPS, tablets, etc.

-Medication and first aid kit: As part of your checklist, ensure you have a personal first aid kit and don’t forget to include your medication, if you are on any.

Conclusively, having a checklist should give you confidence that you are ready for your trip. Most importantly, take your time to ask your travel agent the important questions, as well as checking with the golf course their requirements for visiting golfers, as this would further help you with what to take along and what not to take along. Adhering to these tips faithfully should sure help you prepare well for that exciting golf holiday.