Golf Rules

It is important to note that as a beginner in the game of golf, necessity is laid upon you to grasp the basic key elements of the rules in order for you to further understand the concepts of playing the game. This writes up will introduce you briefly to the official rules of the game with a little break down on each rule as simple as possible. If you are already a veteran of the game, then this would serve as a refresher in its own basic way.

As much as we will try to simplify the golf rules for better understanding, it is also important to note that the actual official rules of golf is embedded in about a 100 pages booklet kept and published by the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews (R&A); the rules are also renewed and updated every four years by both associations.

You also need to note that this is just a summary of the actual golf rules and should not be used to settle any form of disagreements whatsoever. In the case of a dispute or difference of opinion, you should confer with the complete set of rules. On that note, here are the rules in summary:

Rule 1- The game: Unless stated otherwise by the committee, the holes on the court must be played in their appropriate order that is from 1 through 9, or 1 through 18.

Rule 2- Match Play: In match play, anyone you’re playing against is obviously your challenger or your opponent. Secondly, each hole you play is regarded as a separate contest, so if you happen to win the initial hole, it’s counted as “one up”, if you lose the hole, it’s counted as “one down”, if you halve the hole, it’s counted as “all-square”.

Also in this scenario, if you have more holes up than there are left in the match, you are said to win the match.

Rule 3- Stroke Play: In stroke play, whoever you face is known as your “fellow competitor”. Also, for you to start another hole, you must have played the ball into your first hole. In stroke play, the competitor who has the lowest score in all of the rounds is deemed as the winner.

Rule 4/Rule 5- The Clubs and Balls: The highest amount of clubs you should have and carry with you and not anything more is fourteen clubs. Also, unless a rule allows it, you are not permitted to change balls during the play of any hole. Nevertheless, in the event that your ball gets damaged during play, you are allowed to change it and that is after consulting with your fellow competitor or your opponent.

As earlier stated this is just the introduction to the actual rules and should, therefore, give you a brief insight into the rules of the game of golf. For more information on the complete set of rules and its in-depth study, you can as well get a copy of your local course or you can order it from the USGA or the R&A.

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golf rules

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