Golf Etiquette

A lot of people have always attributed the term etiquette to meaning good manners only, but in the game of golf, the same word equally applies. Although, when it comes to golf, etiquette refers to a number of things, not just good manners. Etiquette in the game of golf is usually attributed to issues regarding maintaining the golf course, being conscious of other players as well as being safety minded, enjoying the game by maintaining an appropriate pace while playing and so on.

golf etiquetteNewbies in the game most especially, are usually expected to impress upon themselves the basics of golf etiquette very quickly as they begin to play with professionals. It is also important that if you are a bit stale on the game, brushing up with the basic etiquettes should sure help you pick up the pace a lot faster than usual. On that note and for the purpose of introducing newcomers to what it takes to enjoy the game of golf, here are some of the basic etiquettes of golf.

You are expected to swing your club a safe distance away from those in your group; also, it is expected of you to be at a safe distance when others are about to swing their clubs. This is a safety measure to prevent the event of an accident while a ball hit is about to be done. Another reason is given to the possibility of the golf club picking up pebbles or twigs as it sweeps through the grass.

You are expected not to keep others waiting in the game of golf, when it’s your turn to hit a shot, ensure you are ready and prepared. This is to help you maintain a good pace, while the game is in play.

As golf etiquette, it is expected of you to abide by the cart rules. In other words, while playing on some golf courses, you might come across a sign which says, “Cart path only” or you might see one which says, “90 degree rule”. You are expected to obey all the signs.

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